Got Brain Burnout/Meltdown?

Having suffered with stress related symptoms when I was employed in the corporate world I am well aware of how they can be ignored by the individual My story, very briefly, was one of stupid hours weeks, incessant deadlines and targets to meet and travelling 50k+ miles a year with the mobile ‘phone attached to my ear. That’s not discounting the in-house firefighting and friction between personalities in the businesses I was, at the time, physically fit playing rugby, football and squash and training when I could fit it in. My symptoms were pains in my chest just as if I had steel bands wrapped around that had been tightened. I ignored the pains and passed them off as if I had pulled a muscl

Penny for your 50,000 thoughts

Apparently we have in the region of 50,000 thoughts in a day?! When I first read that the first thing I thought (there’s another one!) was that how did they find that out? We have consistent, and sometimes persistent. self talk in the background while we are in our conscious state i.e. eyes open and senses engaged. I tend to call this self talk the little devil and the little angel that sits on opposite of our shoulders One telling you all the bad news about yourself, work and the world around you and the other telling you that you really are ok, you don’t have to worry about what other people think and that everything will work out fine, …………you will lose weight and get fit…… You can perha

Stressing about being stressed?!!!

Having spent 20 years in the corporate environment I am well aware of the stress and potential anxieties that can present themselves to individuals. There is no arbitrary decider to who stress may affect; from CEO down the business can be affected Deadlines to meet, targets to hit, milestones to reach, friction between employees, firefighting………it can be quite a long list. That’s not discounting also how domestic and other issues outside of work can be instrumental in creating stress impacting on work performance A good example of how someone’s innate abilities to perform can be affected is the golfer Tiger Woods. He was untouchable on the golfing circuit. His game performance was without e

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