When is too much too much?

Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overloaded Too much work to complete on and too little time to do it in can lead to stress, anxiety, lack of good quality sleep and fatigue I see quite a number of individuals in senior positions that are literally loaded up to the gills beyond where their capacity to operate is sufficient What reminded me of this is that just last week I had a very senior person of a university attend my private clinic for help. It’s easy to find yourself in a position where you are good at what you do and you find it difficult to say no when you are asked to take on more workload/another project etc Part of the difficulty in saying no is that you may like to be liked. You also may

Anxiety.......and a freebie for you

Now then……….to continue my postings for mental health awareness week I wanted to talk about the condition termed anxiety today The very good news is that if there is anybody reading this suffering with anxiety or you know someone that does then there is a complete comprehensive program you can take from me for free. It’s not one of those freebies that’s a waste of time it is a program that has proven to work for everyone that works it (many thousands of people are the proof) Just complete the online form here www.anxietyfreeforever.com and you will get instant access. You will be sent the program in bite size chunks. It comprises a pdf manual, 4 audio hypnotherapy mp3’s and instructional vid

Are you a worrier?

What a worry……..My mum, bless her once said to me when I was in my previous life in the corporate world that “worrying never changes anything”. It went over my head at the time. I was a worrier by nature and in fairness probably got that trait from my mum who could worry for England I don’t worry now as I taught myself how not to. Something I teach to the greater majority of my private clients and on my workshops with my corporate clients. We are never taught how not to worry. In fairness we are never taught how to handle our mental health when we are exposed to the real world. Academic education does not prepare you for the real world I experienced a great example of this last year when I w

Are you unconsciously stressing?

I took a call from a man relating to me how he had been feeling anxious over the last few weeks. No anxiety or panic attacks just feeling out of sorts and unsafe We arranged to get together where he explained that he was a board director of a small company and had previously held positions as a main board director of very large businesses in the past He was intelligent, articulate, confident and capable and couldn’t understand why he had begun to feel this way. With further discussion we could not pinpoint any particular reason for his generalised anxiety condition (normally termed GAD – Generalised Anxiety Disorder). He further explained that he did not feel stressed, worried or anxious abo

Stress is NOT a weakness

With mental health awareness week upon us it’s an opportunity for us to raise our awareness of how critical our mental health can be to ourselves as individuals and the impact it can have on business performance According to the Mental Health Foundation research has shown that 16 million people experience a mental health problem each year The three main areas I tend to see and address are stress, anxiety and depression. The symptomatic knock on effect of these conditions can lead to many and varied different debilitating states for the individual. Stress alone can lead to lack of sleep, fatigue, brain burnout/meltdown, physical pain, IBS, headaches/migraines. Anxiety and stress, again have t

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