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Losses of anyone close to us, young or old, human or animal usually stops us in our tracks and brings in thoughts about our own lives and mortality A loss I recently experienced was someone that had been a very good close friend of mine for more than 30 years. Mainly because of geographical distance we had not kept regular contact. Albeit, that never altered our mutual respect for one another as friends with common interests Having attended his non religious funeral (he was a man of good moral freedom beliefs, a loving family man of great honesty, direction and purpose) it made me think of some of the individuals I have personally helped find direction and purpose in their lives The most imp

Body present, Mind absent?

In speaking with some current employers to how to help them be more proactive with their mental health initiatives several areas were discussed One such area was training advocates in the business with mental awareness to spot early signs of employees in distress and to teach them first line skills to handle the situation The training is not to teach them to become a therapist but to enable them both to help themselves and their work colleagues to create a mentally healthy and happy work environment Helping to build an open and supportive culture around mental health and significantly reduce the cost to the business of mental health related sick days Mental Health ‘First Aider’ training Anot

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