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Helpline - Vulnerable Callers - Emotional Resilience

 - Half Day -

-Helping Build Your Reputation As An Employer -

 Aims of the course training: - To equip attendees to

                                  o  Learn how to identify vulnerable callers

                                  o  How to handle challenging and emotional calls

                                  o  Have the practical skills to spot the signs of mental ill health

                                  o  Have the knowledge and confidence to be aware of                                                                                      callers in distress and guide them to further support

                                  o  Helpline Skills - handling suicidal callers

                                  o  Retain their own emotional health and sensibility


 Equip helpline call handlers and face to face customer service operatives. to identify vulnerable callers and mental health issues. To empower them with the necessary techniques and tools to manage the call and retain their own mental health and emotional resilience.

 Customer Service Helpline Training - Half Day Course

 Course Structure/Content

  • What is a vulnerable person - indicators of vulnerability

  • Mental illness and it's perception in the workplace

  • What is meant by Mental Health Capacity

  • The four identifiers of Mental Health Capacity

  • How mental health conditions can affect the caller

The Service Call

  • Challenging and Emotional calls

  • Profiling the callers circumstances

  • Understanding their reality of the situation and yours

  • Taking control of the call - Action Plan - Listen, Lead, Advise, Tell

  • Emotional Sensibility and Emotional Transfer

  • Effective Communication

  • Listening skills

  • Verbal do's and don'ts

  • Empathy statements

  • Positive words for customer service

  • Useful strategies - Pattern Interrupt

Case Studies - Handling a caller threatening suicide

  • Listening - what to do - handling the call

  • Being supportive

  • Know your limits

  • Know your resources

  • Action steps/Recommendations

  • Crisis Control - what to do

  • Policy guidelines - signposting the caller to the appropriate help

  • Your Emotional Sensibility - Debrief and Support

Your Emotional Sensibility and Resilience

  • Looking after yourself and your own emotional and mental health

  • Learning and applying psychological strategies that address the potential emotional impact of challenging/difficult calls/situations

  • Maintenance of our emotional well-being

  • Self care

  • How our minds work

  • Strategies to build and maintain our emotional resilience

  • The Awareness- Control - Treat Strategy Process

  • Due Consideration

Sleep Behaviour - Confidence

  • Empowerment and emotional resilience - further strategies

  • How our worry thoughts/stress/anxiety can affect our sleep and how to change that to achieve good quality rested sleep

  • How to nurture, maintain and .'big up' our confidence


Every attendee will also receive an invaluable quick reference guide on mental health self care and how to support themselves 

Suggested attendance is for up to 10 employees both to minimise disruption to the workplace and to give a more informal, personal and interactive offering

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The question that may be asked is why would you want training for mental health issues in your organisation?

There are two main answers to that question. One impacts on the other. A workforce that feels cared for and looked after, that is happier, healthier and more engaged are more productive. This ultimately impacts on the bottom line of the business

Mental ill health costs UK business approximately £35 billion in lost sick days, reduced productivity and staff turnover. Mental ill health is most likely of greater detriment to profitable business than physical health and has the potential to present itself as an unseen debilitating element

Simple steps to manage mental health by employers can significantly improve both productivity and reduce costs

Having 21 years experience of helping people with mental health issues, having helped in excess of 2500 clients and with 20 years experience as a manager in the corporate world you receive the best, most effective ‘hands on’ training for your organisation with full ongoing support

I can work alongside your existing wellbeing strategy or implement a tailored wellbeing initiative for your workplace

The ‘First Aider’ mental health training is designed to equip line managers, HR professionals, Occupational Health and designated advocates in the business to spot the symptoms of mental health issues. To empower them with the necessary techniques and tools to offer initial help and support guidance


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