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Employee Mental Health & Well-being

Corporate Mental Wellness

Stress & Anxiety Prevention - Emotional Intelligence - Psychological Well-being

  • Massively reduce lost sick days through stress and anxiety related conditions

  • Effective mental wellness of existing workforce - individual consultations

  • Impact Days for maximum effectiveness and minimum disruption

  • 'Problem employees' - extended absence due to stress or other issues

  • Identify key stressors in the workplace

  • On going support - annual assessment

  • Company transition

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Over the years I have helped CEO's/MD's/Board Directors/Business Owners/Key Managers/Employees of companies and private individuals achieve clarity in their direction, goals and future aspirations. More importantly with balance in their career and domestic lives

The workplace can feel immensely stressful, immensely exhilirating, taxing and rewarding, perhaps depressing, sometimes joyous.


The parameters of the workplace with KPI's, deadlines, targets, fire fighting, personalities, pressures etc; cannot be avoided. What can be changed is the resultant interaction, emphasis and effect on the individual and their performance

I firmly believe that multi capability trained consultants represent the future of mental health and psychological well being in the work place. Over the 21 years I have been in practice I have seen a gradual progression gathering momentum leading to this integrated offering. Counselling, coaching and training employed autonomously or 'having a quiet word' is simply not enough any more

Every individual has their own coping mechanisms. Correct, proven psychotherapeutic interventions works to help employees with their everyday worries related to work and family and other emotional issues they may have. More relaxed and focused individuals lead to greater productivity for the organisation; and significantly less lost days through stress related conditions

Stress & Anxiety Prevention and Employee Empowerment

Promotion of self help, mind management tips, tools and techniques that are easily learnt; and providing a range of innovative and effective rapidly learnt psychotherapeutic interventions accelerates client progress and achieves desired outcomes for the individual and the company

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Please Note:

Mental Health and wellbeing in the workplace is the legal responsibility of the stakeholders of the organisation. As such it is of importance that the following criteria is also addressed within the workplace as these are critical areas that can influence mental health and wellbeing in the workplace - these criteria form part of the Psynthesis solutions brief

1) A positive culture and mind set of the business, from top down

2) Effective management. From CEO/MD, Board directors to departmental heads

3) The working environment

4) Job satisfaction. Clear goals/expectations set for the individual and the business

5) Working relationships. Consistent turn round of staff can be an indicator there may be a problem

6) Healthy Lifestyle - Corporate physical health programmes can be advantageous to the business

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