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People build businesses, provide ideas,innovation, support and delivery for the organisation. The business case could not be simpler. Support of your employees and their mental health and well being is essential both to retain and respect valued employees and to maintain a successful business

Psynthesis' integration of services within it’s Employee Support Programmes ensures all areas that are needed to be administered for employees psychological well being and mental health are provided.

Psynthesis understands the business case and can tailor ESP’s to suit your business’ individual requirements and needs

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the mental health of their employees; breach of H&S legislation can lead to prosecution or enforcement action


With this in mind the Employee Support Programme ensures that all size companies can fulfill their obligations

Employee Support Programmes can include:

Telephone/Skype Support

Staff Counselling Support

Trauma Management

Stress Prevention Learning & Development

Confidential One on One personal consultations, home visits, off or on site

Ongoing support for existing, new and long term absence employees

Telephone/Skype/Personal/email support

Critical Incident Support

Management Counselling

Half Day Traditional Stop Smoking - Weight Loss - Confidence - Stress/Anxiety Prevention Workshops

Ad hoc  - simply tell me what you want from a support programme!

My goal is to help you achieve your business goals


Building strong relationships is essential as an employer. For Psynthesis, providing transformation services we develop a partnership to help you deliver.


Employee Support programmes result in employees being stronger and more resilient. Linking in absence management ensures that staff that are identified as having problems are supported as early as possible. The outcomes being  improved both for the employer and employee

With the ever increasing risk to the business of workplace stress many companies do not have a policy to correctly manage and prevent this in their business

Stress management training and coaching has it’s benefits but is not the correct intervention that is needed to significantly reduce lost sick days through stress related conditions in the business

Some companies already have Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s)  in place but again some of these these are falling short of delivering what is needed. One example of this is the provision of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy within the programme

Psynthesis, in speaking with employers have found that employees who may seek support via their EAP’s telephone or face to face counselling service find that their treatment options are limited if CBT was not offered. In some cases, speaking confidentially with employees they particularly found the telephone support service a waste of time and didn’t bother using it after their initial experience

Inevitably this leaves both the employee and employer vulnerable, ultimately both parties now suffer. An EAP without CBT is not as effective a solution as one with CBT

CBT may only be one element within an EAP but it can be an important and critical one. Psynthesis experience of helping people with CBT has proven it’s significant positive impact in removing stress and anxiety and empowering the individual. Teaching the employee psychological interventions and skills to eliminate undue stress, worry and anxiety permanently

Psynthesis very significant experience of treating stress and anxiety disorders not only ensures immediate and permanent effectiveness but employees learn skills that will empower them as stable,  effective and more productive employees for the future

The cost of stress

The latest survey from the Office of National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey revealed that 45 million days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression last year alone, costing the economy and business £2.4billion

There is a very strong case now for all employers to consider ESP’s to help reduce workplace absenteeism and it’s associated cost to the business

There is a very strong case now for all employers to consider ESP’s to help reduce workplace absenteeism and it’s associated cost to the business


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