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Psynthesis Fees Guide

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the mental health of their employees; breach of H&S legislation can lead to prosecution or enforcement action


With this in mind the Employee Support Programme below ensures that all size companies can fulfill their obligations


Employee Support Programme (ESP) - Monthly Retention Package


  • Comprehensive ongoing support for all your employees

  • Ensures all legal mental care obligations are consistently met by the employer

  • Daily access to counselling, coaching, mentoring, therapy intervention 

  • Immediate and ongoing online access for all employees to more than 10 full programs and audio mp3's for stress/anxiety prevention, confidence, public speaking, weight loss, stop smoking, depression, sleep etc;

  • Individual Skype, telephone and email support

  • Troubleshooting lost sick days through stress related illnesses



The availability to schedule half day workshops for Stress Prevention/Anxiety - Confidence - Public Speaking - Stop Smoking – Weight Loss

(The above service offering would be equivalent to a full days support every month)

Monthly Fee Rate Starts at £725.00 - dependent on number of employees and company requirements

Packages can be tailored to suit your requirements. For simplicity the pricing acts as a guide to current fees

Impact Days

Impact Days normally take the form of 2 x 2 hour sessions, 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4.30. The additional half hour is for any questions that delegates may have. After the morning and afternoon session I am available for private counselling/consultation. The sessions include relevant handouts for future reference for attendees

Suggested attendance is for up to 8 employees both to minimise disruption to the workplace and to give a more informal, personal and interactive offering

Daily Rate £725.00

Mental Health 'First Aider' Training - Half Day

These can be scheduled morning or afternoon. The training includes step by step reference guides on how to help and support an employee with mental health issues. Ongoing support can continue to be provided to the advocates in the business and employees post training completion

Suggested attendance is for up to 8 employees both to minimise disruption to the workplace and to give a more informal, personal and interactive offering

Half Day Rate £575.00

Fees for Corporate Mental Wellness Programs, Stress Free Sales, Key Personnel Development

Daily Rate £725.00

Company Scoping Analysis and Report

This may take the form of one or more days depending on the size and scope of the exercise. It is offered as a means to identifying potential problem or risk areas in the business that may have more urgency to be addressed

Daily Rate £875.00

Ad-hoc Employee Support - Hourly Rates

This gives you the availability to give support to your employees on an 'as and when' required basis. This may take the form of employees requiring help with emotional distress that is affecting their performance in the workplace. Individual counselling/psychotherapy/hypnotherapy/CBT therapies can be employed confidentially at my private practice near to Worcester or at the individuals home or workplace. 

Hourly Rate £90.00 to £150.00 depending on requirements

Bespoke Packages Tailored to your company needs and requirements may include:

Company scoping exercise, analysis and report

Wellbeing/wellness audit and training/coaching (for business 'sponsors')

Employee Support Programme - individual consultations - ongoing 'maintenance' - Learning & Development workshops​

Please note: For geographically remote and international assignments all travelling expenses at cost are chargeable in addition to the above fees. The above quoted fees are for UK assignments only. Quotes on application for international assignments


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