Employee Mental Health & Well-being

Key Personnel Development

  • Develop your key personnel

  • Senior Board directors

  • Lack of performance in existing team members

  • Dissatisfaction with your own performance

  • Create different culture/mind set

  • Transition of management

For longer than 21 years I have been helping key individuals within businesses and by private consultation. Not just simply looking at situations from a business perspective but equally crucially from a humanistic/holistic point of view.


Even driven, motivated successful people have coaching and support. Ultimately from an independent source that can provide confidential, unbiased, objective advice with empathy and clear goals in mind. Together we create discreet confidential environments in which to work giving people the freedom to talk about their issues, concerns, difficulties, hopes and aspirations

One element that has been consistent, and continues to be, in the greater majority of individuals I have helped is that they are afforded the opportunity and freedom  to confidentially resolve issues that have been preventing them achieving their maximum potential

Recognising our strengths and weaknesses objectively, self analysis, reassessment of goals, strategies and management style clarifies our focus and direction. Eliminating undue stress and developing greater insight to understanding other people's issues ensures greater empathy to other people's needs before situations arise

You cannot split the work person and the private person, they are one! Our work together is to challenge and support. To enable change through clarity of objectives, professional and personal; insight into challenges and identification of personal resources. Achieving the desired outcome for the individual and the company


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