Mental Health

'First Aider' Champion Training - One Day -

-Helping Build Your Reputation As An Employer -

 Aims of the course training: - To equip attendees to

                                  o  Gain a clearer understanding of common mental health issues

                                  o  Understanding of Emotional Intelligence

                                  o  Understand the factors that affect our wellbeing

                                  o  Have the practical skills to spot the signs of mental ill health

                                  o  Have the knowledge and confidence to provide 'first line' support to                                                                  employees in distress and guide them to further support


 Equip line managers, HR professionals, Occupational Health and designated advocates in the business to spot the symptoms of mental health issues. To empower them with the necessary techniques and tools to offer initial help, support and guidance

 Mental Health 'First Aider' Champion Training - One Day Course

 Course Structure/Content

  • Anxiety, Stress & Depression - How they manifest

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • How to help prevent mental illness

  • What is mental illness and mental health

  • Mental illness and it's perception in the workplace

  • The incorrect stigmas of mental illness

  • The most common mental health disorders

  • Other mental health issues (eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar)

  • Factors that can cause mental illness

  • Stress and it's associated symptoms

  • What causes a mental breakdown (nervous breakdown/brain burnout/meltdown)

  • Spotting the signs of mental health disorders in individuals

  • What to do and how to do it when it comes to helping individuals with mental health issues

  • How to provide first line' support and guidance for more rapid recovery

  • Case study examples - proactive practical handling of employees displaying mental health  issues

  • Encouraging and helping implement the initiatives to create a mentally healthy workplace


How to support someone that may be struggling with a mental health issue


Four step action plan


Action One


  •  What to say and what not to say –

  •  How to approach the person, assess and assist with any crisis

  •  Set time aside with no distractions

  •  Useful questions to ask

  •  How do I respond in a crisis


Action Two


  •  Listen and Communicate Non-judgementally

  •  Giving the person your full focus and attention

  •  Respecting the person’s feelings, experiences and values

  •  Demonstrating your understanding


Action Three


  •  Give Support, Reassurance

  •  Keeping lines of communication open


Action Four


  •  Give Information and Signpost to Correct Help

  •  Contact the appointed representative for mental health in the company


Listening Skills


  •  Verbal and non-verbal

  •  What listening does

  •  Verbal prompts that prompt conversation


Body language


  •  Gestures and words

  •  Facial expressions

  •  Eye contact


Emotional Resilience


  •  Retaining our own emotional and mental sensibility


Every attendee will also receive an invaluable step by step comprehensive Mental Health First Aid reference manual on how to help and support employees with mental health issues as well as 

a quick reference handout guide


A Mental Health First Aid champion certificate will be awarded to each delegate completing the course

I am not teaching people to be therapists on this training but enabling them both to help themselves and their work colleagues to create a mentally healthy and happy work environment

Suggested attendance is for up to 8 employees both to minimise disruption to the workplace and to give a more informal, personal and interactive offering

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The question that may be asked is why would you want training for mental health issues in your organisation?

There are two main answers to that question. One impacts on the other. A workforce that feels cared for and looked after, that is happier, healthier and more engaged are more productive. This ultimately impacts on the bottom line of the business

Mental ill health costs UK business approximately £35 billion in lost sick days, reduced productivity and staff turnover. Mental ill health is most likely of greater detriment to profitable business than physical health and has the potential to present itself as an unseen debilitating element

Simple steps to manage mental health by employers can significantly improve both productivity and reduce costs

Having 21 years experience of helping people with mental health issues, having helped in excess of 2500 clients and with 20 years experience as a manager in the corporate world you receive the best, most effective ‘hands on’ training for your organisation with full ongoing support

I can work alongside your existing wellbeing strategy or implement a tailored wellbeing initiative for your workplace

The ‘First Aider’ mental health training is designed to equip line managers, HR professionals, Occupational Health and designated advocates in the business to spot the symptoms of mental health issues. To empower them with the necessary techniques and tools to offer initial help and support guidance


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