Personal Development

Empowering yourself with new beliefs and strategies, discovering and

unleashing your true potential

Some of the benefits you can expect are


  •  Peace of mind, uncomplicated clear thinking

  •  Clarity of mind, thought and action

  •  Greater creativity, connection and purpose

  •  Free yourself of habitual self defeating behaviours and thought patterns

  •  Free up your authentic, intuitive self

  •  Clear direction and understanding of your career, relationships and life

  •  The ability to change direction inyour life,  create new businesses, new careers

  •  Develop supreme confidence and calm in everything you do

  •  Change the way you are to the way you want to be​


I have been fortunate in many ways to experience the rigours of the corporate world for 20 years and then a further 21 years as a consultant-coach-therapist.  Your gain is the opportunity to be helped with simple, down to earth transparent psychological approaches that traditional coaching, mentoring and behaviour change simply will not give you.


Is it dramatically different to other coaching? Well the answer to that is an unequivocal ‘yes’.  Having helped business owners, managing directors, managers and entrepreneurs I have found that they all have one thing in common; they want to be better, do better and have greater work life balance with the ability to be in control of everything they say, think and do.


You may think that’s a big ask, but everyone I have helped has been very pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily adaptive, positive changes can be made. Our focus is to engender positive lasting transformation in all areas of your life, work, personal and that inevitable work/life balance.

Empowering you with proven psychological strategies to ensure rapid and permanent positive growth


Over the years I have found that it is the following criteria that the individuals already have who seek me out for private coaching


 You have already experienced success in one or more aspects of your life


 You have already invested in yourself – training, self development, ongoing development


 You understand that your present mind set needs to be nurtured and further developed for you to succeed and have further mastery and excellence in your life


 You know and recognise behaviours/obstacles that are holding you back – but don’t know how to resolve/remove them


 You have reached a ‘tipping point’ in your life that you ultimately now recognise requires change/transformation


 You are a ‘doer’ by nature. Used to being productive with your time and in the past have done uncomfortable things that other people wouldn’t do to get where you are


 You’re now ready and willing to apply yourself to the next transformation of change


What we do


You have got to where you are now because of the way you thought, behaved and utilised your abilities, (mentally and physically).


In order to achieve the next level these old success habits may not deliver for the new level. Let me explain a little here. Over the years I have seen many amateurs, semi-professional and professional sports people.  They have got to their level of ability normally through their natural abilities and a modicum of training (not normally mental training). For the individual to maximise and improve their game and achieve the next level their old behaviour and thinking needs to change and adapt to suit.


In memory is someone I helped who was a professional golfer who already earned a good monetary living in the UK and he wanted to get onto the European circuit; he had tried twice and twice missed the cut for different reasons. Needless to say, he had the ability but his mindset was not ‘tuned in’ at that point to the European circuit.


Another example was MD of a small thriving business and he was a little fish in a big pond but had tremendous potential to set his particular market alight with new technology. The business had a good order book but was struggling with cash flow, mainly because of the bank pulling the plug on him. Independent and impartial coaching and mental support helped him through a very tough period with his business and subsequent knock on effect to his personal relationship.  The business had a breakthrough with technology for which he now has full IP rights and subsequently the business is now thriving and leading the field. No thanks to the bank.


My tools and strategies come from real life understanding of life, career, relationships and mental capacity along with thorough  training of easily applied psychological interventions that have proven to work.  The route to freedom and clarity of thought comes from simple application that has been in my practice since 1997, having helped many thousands of people now. 

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