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Stressing about being stressed?!!!

Having spent 20 years in the corporate environment I am well aware of the stress and potential anxieties that can present themselves to individuals. There is no arbitrary decider to who stress may affect; from CEO down the business can be affected

Deadlines to meet, targets to hit, milestones to reach, friction between employees, firefighting………it can be quite a long list. That’s not discounting also how domestic and other issues outside of work can be instrumental in creating stress impacting on work performance

A good example of how someone’s innate abilities to perform can be affected is the golfer Tiger Woods. He was untouchable on the golfing circuit. His game performance was without equal surpassing everyone and winning multiple tournaments

He then experienced domestic/family issues and his game suffered dramatically. He was no longer top of the leader board but well down and mediocre at best. Nothing, with regard to his natural aptitude and physical capabilities to play the game had changed, nothing. The one thing that had changed was his mental game. What was happening outside of his profession had quite dramatically affected his ability to perform as he had before

Although there has been more recognition from savvy business leaders to how our business performance can be affected in this way as well as work stresses I still see woeful cultures in some businesses where old school thinking is still prevalent. The staff and the business suffers. Happy, calm, confident and stress free employees build strong successful businesses. Disillusioned, unhappy stressed staff do not.

"High levels of stress are not only harmful to our personal health, they are also harmful to the health of our businesses. At the end of the day a business is its people, which is why Kevin’s proven techniques and strategies are a must for every business looking to maximise performance, happiness and wellbeing in the workplace"

- Sarah Hunter, Understand People Ltd -

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