• Kevin Garrington

Penny for your 50,000 thoughts

Apparently we have in the region of 50,000 thoughts in a day?! When I first read that the first thing I thought (there’s another one!) was that how did they find that out?

We have consistent, and sometimes persistent. self talk in the background while we are in our conscious state i.e. eyes open and senses engaged. I tend to call this self talk the little devil and the little angel that sits on opposite of our shoulders

One telling you all the bad news about yourself, work and the world around you and the other telling you that you really are ok, you don’t have to worry about what other people think and that everything will work out fine, …………you will lose weight and get fit……

You can perhaps begin to see how we have this tremendous volume of thoughts every day; yes, that’s every day! It’s only when you think about what you’re thinking about that you realise how much mental junk food we feed into our minds. One thing that I say to the individuals and groups of employees I help is that, “ logically, why would you put anything into your head that makes you feel bad?” Isn’t that a silly thing for you to do? Make yourself feel bad?! But that, generally, is what people tend to do

Academic education is all well and good to give us knowledge and abilities to carry out certain tasks but it does not equip us for the situations that are presented to us in real life. We are never taught how to think correctly, how to process our thoughts correctly, we are never taught how not to get stressed

Mindfulness and clarity of thought in the moment is all well and good but it does not resolve the inner demons and devils that may continue to plague our thoughts, they continue to reappear particularly if they have emotions attached to them. Psychological intervention by way of correct thought processing junks the old operating system that the old programs used to sit on. Psychological tools (easy, simple to apply tools) resolve all past, present and future elements that may be persisting in our thoughts i.e. fears, habits, behaviour patterns, false beliefs, ways of thinking etc;

Whether you like it or not where you are and how you feel and how you behave and react have all come about by way of a thought – scary but true – the good news is that if you change the way you think you will change the way you are; if you want to change that is

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose

The primary cause of stress, anxiety and burnout is never the situation but your thoughts about it

Low performance states are frustrated, tired, anxious and stressed. The emotions of calm, happy and energised drive high levels of performance

It is simple, we ourselves tend to complicate the process……..with our thoughts!

"High levels of stress are not only harmful to our personal health, they are also harmful to the health of our businesses. At the end of the day a business is its people, which is why Kevin’s proven techniques and strategies are a must for every business looking to maximise performance, happiness and wellbeing in the workplace"

- Sarah Hunter, Understand People Ltd -

Empowerment of good mental health comes from awareness, understanding and application of the correct intervention

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