• Kevin Garrington

Got Brain Burnout/Meltdown?

Having suffered with stress related symptoms when I was employed in the corporate world I am well aware of how they can be ignored by the individual

My story, very briefly, was one of stupid hours weeks, incessant deadlines and targets to meet and travelling 50k+ miles a year with the mobile ‘phone attached to my ear. That’s not discounting the in-house firefighting and friction between personalities in the businesses

I was, at the time, physically fit playing rugby, football and squash and training when I could fit it in. My symptoms were pains in my chest just as if I had steel bands wrapped around that had been tightened. I ignored the pains and passed them off as if I had pulled a muscle

Cutting a long story short and after having mentioned the pains to my wife (surefire way to get a reaction!) I got checked out and was informed by the medical consultant that I was as fit as a marine and that I was suffering with stress

It was a relief and a shock at the same time to hear this. On one hand I was relieved it wasn’t anything serious with my heart and on the other I didn’t feel that I was stressed! I was informed by the consultant I needed to change what I did in my job. Which, in fairness, led me to what I now do

The reason for me sharing this with you is simply to say that you may not feel stressed but you may be displaying the symptoms of stress, as I did.

Over the years I have seen and helped thousands of individuals. There are generic elements associated with stress like not sleeping well, being irritable or fatigued etc; which are warning signs but if you are displaying more than this then you may be close to brain burnout; a major meltdown

I have a free pdf for you that you can instantly download which will give you what you should be looking for in yourself and maybe your work colleagues too. There’s no requirement to give me your name or email address; it’s a freebie instant download that you can pass on to help other individuals

Something for the weekend …………..to have a read through

Just click on the link below to access the page where the pdf is located. The pdf download link is halfway down the page either side of the first photo for employee mental well being (NOT the white paper)


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