• Kevin Garrington

Stress is NOT a weakness

With mental health awareness week upon us it’s an opportunity for us to raise our awareness of how critical our mental health can be to ourselves as individuals and the impact it can have on business performance

According to the Mental Health Foundation research has shown that 16 million people experience a mental health problem each year

The three main areas I tend to see and address are stress, anxiety and depression. The symptomatic knock on effect of these conditions can lead to many and varied different debilitating states for the individual. Stress alone can lead to lack of sleep, fatigue, brain burnout/meltdown, physical pain, IBS, headaches/migraines. Anxiety and stress, again have their own associated knock on effects experienced by the individual from these conditions

It’s critical and important to recognise that stress and the associated conditions of mental health are NOT a sign of weakness in the individual. Some corporate cultures I come across still see stress as a weakness and tend to then value the individual differently.

Because of where I’m located in the UK I have treated a number of ex-SAS and ex forces individuals for stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Trust me when I say these are not weak individuals. The reason our mental health may be compromised is simply because we are never taught how not to stress/get anxious/depressed!

Is it that simple? Well, yes. Having been in the corporate world for twenty years and experienced the stress there and latterly nearly twenty one years as a mental health and well being practitioner I can unequivocally say what I do works.

Upwards of nearly 3000 clients have proven that simple psychological intervention strategies that I have developed work for everyone that works them

“You will not be able to get worried, stressed or anxious ever again” – nobody believes me when I first tell them that but it’s true

Stress does not have to be associated workplace stress to impact on the individual’s performance. It may be the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, relationship break up, accident trauma, something outside of the workplace. An easy example of this is the golfer Tiger Woods who was top of his game, winning tournaments and nobody could touch him. He then had a situation with his wife and family life and his golf game went to pot. His game play was not the same

Bear in mind the man still had the same abilities that he had before to play golf. The only thing that had changed was his mental game. Situations that happened away from the golf course had affected his ability to play to his physical ability and potential

For far too long companies have paid lip service to mental health. I’m not knocking stress awareness and stress management but why manage stress when you can eliminate it? Certain types of stress, eustress (not EU stress which we have all been exposed to!) is termed as beneficial stress. Those times when we are motivated and up for the challenge are good stress times

Empowerment of good mental health comes from awareness, understanding and application of the correct intervention

Much like we look to feed and look after our physical bodies we need to feed and look after our mental health too. No more mental junk food as we visit our mental gym with the correct intervention and strategies

For those companies and individuals looking to introduce or strengthen their mental health initiatives simply be in contact

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