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Are you unconsciously stressing?

I took a call from a man relating to me how he had been feeling anxious over the last few weeks. No anxiety or panic attacks just feeling out of sorts and unsafe

We arranged to get together where he explained that he was a board director of a small company and had previously held positions as a main board director of very large businesses in the past

He was intelligent, articulate, confident and capable and couldn’t understand why he had begun to feel this way. With further discussion we could not pinpoint any particular reason for his generalised anxiety condition (normally termed GAD – Generalised Anxiety Disorder). He further explained that he did not feel stressed, worried or anxious about his present workplace, he had worked at far larger companies and there were no identifiable stressors away from the workplace either

It was, fortunately, something I had come across before and although logically you would say that there was no identifiable reason for him to feel anxious he still did. Which was uncomfortable and very disconcerting for him. Particularly annoying simply because he didn’t know how to fix it and stop feeling that way

In my twenty years of helping individuals with mental health and wellbeing I can count on one hand how many times I have encountered this condition presenting itself in this way. It is unconsciously stressing or worrying. Sleep is generally a great indicator to what is happening with the unconscious mind. Albeit there are the odd individuals that sleep well but still suffer with anxiety or worry conditions. Normally these individuals tend to be in the throes of brain burnout/meltdown. Generally the reason they sleep is because the mind has been so overactive during the day it welcomes the opportunity to rest at night so simply zonks out. (Albeit, not usually restful sleep)

Unconsciously stressing is a bit odd and I don’t come across it very often. The person normally is very capable and on a conscious level handles everything without feeling in any way stressed; they are stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat. However, underneath they are unconsciously stressing. It’s a little like watching a duck move across the water. It looks all serene and effortless but underneath it’s webbed feet are going ten to the dozen. Equate the conscious mind to the duck above the surface and the unconscious to the bit below

It's a simple psychological strategy to resolve which is what we applied to address the condition but it’s worth mentioning and explaining as sometimes we may not know why we may be feeling a certain way

Stress and anxiety is internally produced. Many people think worry is necessary but it serves no useful purpose

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be entirely free of worry and to have complete peace of mind. Ever wondered what it must feel like to be entirely free of stress?

It’s easier than you think with the correct psychological strategy

Empowerment of good mental health comes from awareness, understanding and application of the correct intervention

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