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Are you a worrier?

What a worry……..My mum, bless her once said to me when I was in my previous life in the corporate world that “worrying never changes anything”. It went over my head at the time. I was a worrier by nature and in fairness probably got that trait from my mum who could worry for England

I don’t worry now as I taught myself how not to. Something I teach to the greater majority of my private clients and on my workshops with my corporate clients. We are never taught how not to worry. In fairness we are never taught how to handle our mental health when we are exposed to the real world. Academic education does not prepare you for the real world

I experienced a great example of this last year when I was helping a professor. His testimonial is on my web site if you wanted to check him out. He came very close to a Nobel prize in his career because of his medical research work, was internationally recognised, met the queen mum three times, was the founder of the medico/legal medicine system and was responsible for the first germ free baby!

Now, what would be your expectation of this man? He would know about how his mind works and emotional intelligence? With our discussions and work together he openly admitted his naivety to emotional intelligence and how his mental faculties could be employed to his advantage and benefit

We may think we know. But to know and not to do is not to know…………

In the real world, our workplace and away from the workplace we get exposed to trials and traumas, experiences, feelings and emotions that sometimes we simply do not know how to handle or reconcile. Why would we know if we had never been taught?!

If I go back to what my mum said, ”worrying never changes anything”. In a way she was half right. Worrying doesn’t change anything externally, action does that. However, worrying does have potential to change you internally with how you’re choosing to think and feel

Giving thought to an action or judgement call that you may need to take is not worry; that’s due consideration. You make that judgement call based upon the facts and information you have and how you feel about it.

Worry thoughts are wholly unnecessary and serve no useful purpose

One thing I say to individuals I help is “logically, why would you put anything into your head that makes you feel bad?” In fairness that’s what the greater majority of people do, feed their mind with mental junk food and then wonder why they feel the way they do. We apparently have 50,000 thoughts in a day! That's a huge amount of rubbish that we have been potentially feeding our mind with.Equate it to eating fast food for a year!

You DO NOT have to worry, stress or be anxious. Very easy to learn psychological strategies when applied change the way you think and feel to how YOU want to think and feel

I was helping a Technical Director who was suffering with stress and at the time the UK was involved in the Iraq war. What had been suggested because of his technical knowledge and the equipment they provided was that he would be flown in under the radar into Iraq with the SAS and if they were discovered obviously no-one would know of the operation. Now, this suggestion never materialised into reality. However, it did serve to highlight albeit in extreme circumstances how worry can affect us

In fairness I think I would have been concerned but what happened was that the suggestion was on the table for two weeks and during that time he lost sleep and effectively worried himself incessantly. They never went, it never happened

How many time have you worried yourself like that about something and then it never happened? How many times have you worried about doing something and then once you’ve done it wondered why you worried about it so much?

Thoughts can lead to worry, can lead to stress, can lead to anxiety, can lead to ill health (mental and physical)

The greater majority of people don’t feel they are in control of their thoughts and what they choose to think and feel. It’s relatively easy to change the way you choose to think and feel and bring greater sensibility to everything that happens in your life; it’s a far nicer place to be to have peace of mind

Empowerment of good mental health comes from awareness, understanding and application of the correct intervention

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