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Anxiety.......and a freebie for you

Now then……….to continue my postings for mental health awareness week I wanted to talk about the condition termed anxiety today

The very good news is that if there is anybody reading this suffering with anxiety or you know someone that does then there is a complete comprehensive program you can take from me for free. It’s not one of those freebies that’s a waste of time it is a program that has proven to work for everyone that works it (many thousands of people are the proof)

Just complete the online form here www.anxietyfreeforever.com and you will get instant access. You will be sent the program in bite size chunks. It comprises a pdf manual, 4 audio hypnotherapy mp3’s and instructional videos along with a ‘Rapid Removal Technique’ for the condition

Anxiety can present itself in many different ways and can be very severely debilitating for the individual. The condition can present itself as an anxiety or panic attack, generalised anxiety and circumstantial anxiety

There can be different reasons that anxiety may appear in the individual. Some individuals I have helped presented to me saying they had a fear of flying but after discussion it revealed itself as a fear of enclosed spaces and ‘losing the plot’ that caused them to feel anxious of those situations. Anxiety being produced simply by thinking of that situation that may present itself

Exams, driving tests, public speaking, interviews, driving on motorways, flying, lifts, escalators, tall buildings etc; and some odd ones like balloons and buttons! To the individual it is real and becomes scary and anxious

The anxiety may not become a full blown panic/anxiety attack but it is very real to the individual. Why do we get anxious/anxiety? Our unconscious mind only has two missions in life. One is to keep us safe and secure and the other is it needs to know what we want (not what we don’t want)

In keeping us safe sometimes it oversteps the mark and creates a potentially fearful thought/feeling which then evokes part of the fight/flight. Our reaction then is normally to avoid the situation or circumstance that presents itself. We then tend to adopt our coping mechanisms to avoid the situation. I helped one woman who, when driving, would not perform right turns because they made her anxious so she planned her whole journey route without right turns!

The above tends to relate to circumstantial anxiety, however, this can also develop through a prolonged anxiety condition.

Panic and anxiety attacks can be extremely scary for the individual; particularly the first experience of one. I have seen 5 year olds and 72 year olds with anxiety. The only common denominator is that they think too much and over analyse (normally the more intelligent individuals who are also conscientious, perfectionists, want to do a good job and are concerned about what other people think)

Apparently we have 50,000 thoughts in a day so if you have someone that thinks more than that then the potential is to overwhelm our senses, our unconscious, and feed what I call is the internal pressure cooker with all those excess and unnecessary thoughts. Like any pressure cooker when it gets full the excess pressure needs to escape. To me it’s a fail-safe natural mechanism that the mind and body employ to protect itself. Unfortunately, when the excess thought energy is released it manifests in a physical way as an anxiety or panic attack. This is not circumstantial anxiety but when it happens the person then has the potential to relate it to whatever they are doing or wherever they are (ie driving). So now you have a potential compounding of the anxiety to the circumstance

I have had individuals lose consciousness with a panic/anxiety attack, some thinking they were having a stroke or heart attack, the physical symptoms can be very frightening and severe. When the paramedics arrive and they are checked out their physical body’s systems are fine. A prolonged anxiety condition unless treated correctly can manifest itself to health anxieties, social anxieties, self image anxieties and attach itself to mundane day to day situations. On the odd occasion I have had to visit individuals in their homes simply because their anxiety prevents them leaving their house

Anxiety can be nasty, horrible and really scary

These are intelligent people and not weak individuals. Board directors, ex marines, ex SAS individuals to name a few. The unconscious which I mentioned earlier is on overdrive now with it’s perception of keeping them safe and the anxiety continues

In my experience medication does not and will not fix the condition; it simply throws a comfort blanket over it. The condition will reappear and will not go away unless the correct psychological intervention takes place. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is just one element, but again in my experience it has to be the correct CBT application. I’ve seen many individuals who have done the NHS CBT route and it hasn’t worked for them. My program works because I work with the way the mind works

If you suffer with anxiety or know someone that does get my program, it works. Why do I give it away for free? Because I can and I want to. Having suffered with mild anxiety in the past I know how debilitating it can be. I’m simply giving something back

Empowerment of good mental health comes from awareness, understanding and application of the correct intervention

For those companies and individuals looking to introduce or strengthen their mental health initiatives simply be in contact

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