• Kevin Garrington

The most important thing you can do today, this week, this year

Losses of anyone close to us, young or old, human or animal usually stops us in our tracks and brings in thoughts about our own lives and mortality

A loss I recently experienced was someone that had been a very good close friend of mine for more than 30 years. Mainly because of geographical distance we had not kept regular contact. Albeit, that never altered our mutual respect for one another as friends with common interests

Having attended his non religious funeral (he was a man of good moral freedom beliefs, a loving family man of great honesty, direction and purpose) it made me think of some of the individuals I have personally helped find direction and purpose in their lives

The most important thing you can do this day, this week, this year is to take a deep look at your LIFE and ask yourself what is the most important thing I can do NOW to propel my LIFE to where it should be/where I want to be?

Perhaps something may have sabotaged your life……..an illness, a relationship

Or maybe YOU have sabotaged something in your life……….a relationship, your parents or your children

Or in some other way…..overly focused on your business, on money, on the mishaps of the past

Some part of your LIFE is in disarray

Your marriage, your relationships, your religion, your emotional health, or something else

The truth is this, if you don’t make THAT THING an IMPORTANT focus and priority nothing will change and the end of another year will come and your life still won’t be back in order


You can continue to blame yourself, other people, circumstances, someone else


You can choose to take action and make that one thing in LIFE a HUGE priority, of LIFE importance

Ask yourself NOW – what is the most important thing in your life that you need to prioritise and FIX/GET RIGHT/GROW

Take action and make that the most important thing in your LIFE

Make it a priority, today, this week, this year?

If you need a cheer leader, taskmaster, sounding board or fulfillment director to help you steer a course and achieve your goals just be in touch. We all need someone who ‘has our back’ and our best interests at heart

Believe in yourself and just do it



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