Employee Mental Health & Well-being

Stress Free Selling

  • Existing sales team underperforming

  • Start up business - VC/Business Angel/MBO

  • Regional sales set up/home office based individuals

  • Business suffering due to consistent turnround of sales staff

  • Work with existing in house/external trainers

  • Investigate 'sales process' and 'strategy'

  • Provide interim support for when company is in transition

  • Temporary placement - Sales Director/Manager

Most every company I have worked for invested in their people. Most of the sales training courses I personally attended over the years were well presented and useful. One very key element that I now understand was missing was that we are not all confident, balanced, clear minded, motivated individuals and so regardless of exemplary sales strategy it was still down to the individual to deliver


Achieving results and consistently hitting and exceeding targets, does not come from luck. A clear and concise selling strategy is a blueprint but what is essential for delivery is an individual that has the clarity, motivation, confidence and expertise to regularly deliver

Stress Free Selling Means More Sales

Specifically crafted psychotherapeutic intervention tips and techniques empower the individual for maximum performance in a stress free environment

There is a correct level of stress that is maintained much like a top athlete  has when delivering their best performance


Psynthesis consulting isn't an event like one off training it is a relationship building approach and as such, it requires frequent communication. By communicating with the sales person frequently their coach/consultant (or coaching sales manager) gets to know the person being helped. They get to understand their world, their strengths and weaknesses, and the obstacles that need to be overcome in order for them to achieve greater success.


We get to know and understand the person being helped, an understanding is gained to what that salesperson really needs in order to succeed, to resolve and change whatever is preventing them from maximising their potential


Whether it's a stand alone entrepreneur or a sales force of hundreds of people, a rookie or veteran sales person; the independent autonomous psychological intervention learning and development will deliver the optimum results for the business in the most rapid time


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