The Health and Wellness Audit

As in every business scenario you want to use your money spent to best effect. It's easy to adopt a wellbeing strategy for the business; what's important is to prioritise those areas that may be hurting the business first.

If you already know where the 'pain' is then the focus is easier to apply and quicker to effect positive change. However, if there is no clear understanding of where the risk and problem areas may lie then a wellbeing audit provides you with a survey and report that will give you the following benefits:

Identifies areas of strength and risk in the organisation

- Risk areas can then be rapidly resolved

Immediately allows correct budget priority

Delivers an objective starting point to the organisations' wellbeing and

mental health strategy

Can be utilised as a defacto standard for areas in the organisation where wellbeing

and mental health are identified as high

Benchmarks, allows progress tracking of the wellbeing strategy

The Wellness audit incorporates the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales Test (DASS-42) and/or the HSE Management Standards Indicator Tool

- identification of the 6 major stressors -

The Benefits To You

Independent survey results to help the strategic decision makers in the business identify priorities

and build an effective  strategy 

Immediately prioritises problem areas and budget spend

Factual support for corporate responsibilty to employee mental health and wellness

Can be applied to individuals, departments, remote locations or whole organisations

Can be used alongside existing psychometric assessments

Provides a start point for "What's next?"

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​​What is the Wellness Audit


The audit is presented in the form of a simple questionnaire that is completed by the employee(s). This can be completed entirely confidentially online, takes a matter of minutes and is automatically fed back to Psynthesis for analysis

Analysis of the survey response provides decision makers in the business what each person is feeling about their work situation and stress. The management indicator tool indicates the degree to which employees might be feeling stressed but also analyses the six areas of Demands, Control, Support, Relationships, Role and Change on the individual.

The resultant audit analysis can highlight the Management Standard for the employee body as a whole or can be deployed to certain departments or individuals in an organisation. The report can be completed anonymously. That way the chances are that true feelings and situations will be reflected in the answers

It is also worth noting that someone singled out as a victim of stress or at a higher risk of suffering stress needs to be handled sensitively and with a genuine interest in the person's wellbeing. Managers and heads of departments must be prepared to listen and accept criticism in order to learn where change might be made to improve employee mental health and psychological wellbeing

At all times advice and support is provided from Psynthesis with analysis of the audit and discussion of the reports with stakeholders.


Resultant agreed intervention  can then be planned with individuals in order to resolve issues and situations to the benefit of the organisation. Depending on the issues to be resolved this can take the form of proven psychologically based cognitive techniques, therapy intervention, counselling or a combination of all.

Having personally been in  the corporate environment of varying size organisations at Director, management and executive level I have the distinct advantage of 'knowing' the potential issues that may be presenting themself with the individual. My experience comes from 'hands on' and not a text book of academic thinking to what may be the correct help that is needed. Albeit I also have the academic therapeutic experience and qualifications to ensure rapid and empathetic understanding is brought into play

A solution plan is drawn up that is readily tracked and rapid progress undertaken with set goals and achievements in place, allowing a measurable beneficial impact to the business and the individual

Presenting areas that may be affecting the individuals work performance could be anxiety, confidence, stress, self esteem, fatigue, excessive worry, depression, lack of clarity in direction, performance anxieties, public speaking, feeling unable to cope, fears etc'


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